Posted Mon, 14 Jan 2019 14:10:13 GMT by Drake

I am working through the tutorial to provide me some refreshers, and I am uncertain how to do one of the steps for my particular case.

In section "Elevation Data" on page 14, the tutorial provides a method for assigning elevation data to the slices created in the 3d layer configorator.

My question are:

1. Can I assign elevations to one slice at a time instead of all slices as described in the tutorial?
2. Can I choose this slice to assign elevation data to during the linking process, or during the assignment? (Or do I have to create a slice field in my excel elevation data)
3. During the assignment of elevations to slices, how can I constrain the assignment to a specific footprint?
4. Is it possible to reopen the 3d layer configorator to add additional slices and rerun the meshing process, or do I have to restart all over from the 2d mesh and re-enter all my slices again?

Thanks for any help.

Posted Tue, 15 Jan 2019 14:06:00 GMT by Peter Schätzl

1. Yes.
2. If you do not create a field, you can restrict the assignment by the current selection of nodes. Thus you can select nodes in one slice to only assign data to the slice.
3. Same as 2 - select the corresponding nodes.
4. You can add and remove slices in the layer configurator. The data inheritance when doing this is defined on the right hand side of the dialog.

Posted Tue, 15 Jan 2019 14:42:07 GMT by Drake
Thank you Peter for your reply

I was having issues since I was trying to do these tasks in a fully unstructured mesh. I was also having trouble finding how to reopen the 3d layer config since my 2D mesh got closed and the 3d configure would only become available when I was on that window.

1. Is it possible to select nodes of an element in an unstructured mesh and apply elevations to a single element,  just a portion of an element, or all the nodes below a footprint similar to how this is done for slices.  If so, how is this done?  I'm struggling to find an efficient way to do this like it can be done with slices.

Thanks again
Posted Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:06:46 GMT by Peter Schätzl
Indeed in an unstructured mesh there are less options. First of all, the layer configurator is no longer available. Furthermore, there's no quick way to select all nodes within a certain footprint. Typically, if possible, I'd recommend to consider such structures as much as possible during mesh generation in order to get the nodal selections done right away. Having the selections, elevations can be easily applied by using the editor toolbar.

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