Hello all,

I am working with a box model I have created by using the F2 option to input the coordinates (x,y) of the domain as follows: (0,0) (2,0) (2,1) (0,1)

Later, I extend the mesh with the 3D Layer Configurator. I use some 2D lines to check the model results, some of wich are along the model borders (I also used the F2 option to input its coordinates). See first picture.

The problem I am finding is that it seems that at some point, the coordinates at the borders are slightly changed. If I try to make a node selection using the expression editor (e.g. x_global=0), the border of the model that I would expect to be selected completely, is only selected irregularly. To fully select that border, I need to write in the expression editor x_global<0.001.

Also, when I try to plot the data-trace along a 2D line placed at the border of the model, the data plotted is discontinuous, as if some parts of that line fell outside of the domain boundaries. See second pic.

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance.