Posted Mon, 13 Jul 2020 12:14:02 GMT by Brennan Gourley
Hi Everyone,

I have a question regarding boundary condition constraints. I have read in the manuals that head-type boundary conditions can be constrained with min/max flow rates, and conversely, flow-type boundary conditions can be constrained with min/max head constraints.

I am looking to establish head-type boundary condition with a maximum head constraint, without involving flow rates. Is that possible? If so, what is the approach?

Posted Mon, 20 Jul 2020 05:12:26 GMT by Peter Schätzl Grundwassermodellierer
As a head-type BC will fix the hydraulic head at the node, the resulting head can never be higher or lower. Thus a constraint using the head value would never actually constrain the BC. You can, however, achieve something similar with a transfer-type BC, but please take a minute to read the documentation about the meaning of a min/max head in this case.

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