Posted Tue, 31 Jan 2017 13:34:40 GMT by MM
Hello everybody,
I have a 3D lyerd model representing a circular excarvation pit for which I caculated the hydraulic head for each node (defined by X, Y, Z).
Now I am looking for a possibility to compute the hydraulic gradients from this data set (i.e. with X, Y, Z, hydHead).
"Zebra" suggested in 2008 to use Tecplt 360, but unfortunately didn't mention how to perfor this. I now loaded my Data into Tecplot 360 using my data set in Excel (97), but have no clue how to get the hydraulic gradients using Tecplot.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Posted Mon, 06 Feb 2017 09:42:04 GMT by Björn Kaiser
ParaView and ArcGIS allow you to calculate the gradient.

Possible filters of interest in ParaView are called [b]Compute Derivatives[/b] and [b]Gradient Of Unstructured DataSet[/b] while the ArcToolBox function for ArcGIS is called [b]Slope 3D Analyst[/b]. I assume that QGIS has a similar function as ArcGIS, in case you want to use a GIS which is for free.

Please note that the current FEFLOW 7.0 version does not have a VTK/VTU writer for ParaView. In contrast, shapefiles for GIS can be easily exported from FEFLOW. All software products I mentioned have a Python API. Accordingly, the functions/filters of these external tools can be integrated within a single data processing pipeline with FEFLOW.

I never used Tecplot. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with Tecplot.

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