Hi Everyone,

Started FEFLOW in december to design a high temperature seasonal storage system using borehole heat exchangers.
Pleased with FEFLOW so far, all though it is not the easiest interface (some thinks are not that logical to me, but I mainly worked with Modflow before).

I had initially the idea to use the inlet temperature in the BHE editor to simulathe the BHE well field (95 degrees Celsius during charging and 50 during discharging).
However, based on the detailed energy requirements for the client during the winter (varies per week), do I have to use the Power function to specify input or output of energy.

My well field will use multiple zones, and per zone do i need to specify a different charging load using the Power time series.
So far i did not manage to assign to each BHE zone with a different time series that i made in the Timeseries editor.
How can I manage to assign multiple Power Timeseries to different BHEs?

Another question: Is it to possible to specify a maximum temperature in my BHE as inlet temperature while using the Power function in the BHE editor?
I couldn't find a topic on the forums, but please point me to it if I have missed it.

Thanks in advance!