Dear all,

I am trying to export a subdomain period budget from a Feflow 7.1 .dac file using the IFM API functions in Python. I am particularly interested in the internal transfer in and out of the subdomain and would need to adjust the time periods for the export as well. (e.g. only the first year)

At the moment I am using the function [i]IfmBudgetComputeSubdomain[/i] on an elemental selection, which (the function) returns a number of values I do not recognize. I did not find any information in the documentation as to what values the function returns.

Is [i]IfmBudgetComputeSubdomain[/i] generally the correct function to return a subdomain period budget? How would I define the timesteps for which the function exports the values and what values does the function export?

Thank you so much for your help. Any information is appreciated!