I use python plugins, but i don't know how to set a multilayerwell-BC.

I consider the parameters in this function, is (nNode, Attrnumber, pump rate). < right?

When i code "doc.setMultiLayerWellAttrValue(3247, 0, 1000)" in plugins, it return invalid MultiLayerWell Node id and range 0.0!

What's the problem mean?

And i want to know how to set different pumping rate in different depth?


(I solved this problem finally!)
the first parameter "nId" is mean the EdgeSelections number which item had been stored(the picture).
doc.setMultiLayerWellAttrValue(1, 0, 1000), the "1" is mean well_1 item; the 0 is mean Rate setting; 1000 is mean 1000m3/d.