Posted Mon, 22 Jan 2018 04:00:45 GMT by Jarrah Muller Civil Engineer
When I open one model, the Conductivity defaults to m/d, whereas another model defaults to m/s.

How can I change the default?

Hovering the mouse over the units on the Assignment Toolbar lists what is available, but right clicking there and selecting 'Units' (or going to Tools>Units) doesn't allow defaults to be changed.

In the View Components panel, various display options can be changed (such as number of decimal points, and colour scheme), but not the units used for display.

In the Data panel, the default units can be changed by right clicking on the data types K_xx, K_yy, K_zz. Each one needs to be changed separately.
Posted Tue, 23 Jan 2018 08:37:22 GMT by Björn Kaiser
The Unit Conversion tool of FEFLOW provides three predefined unit sets and the possibility to apply a user-defined set. In addition to the units provided by FEFLOW also user-defined units can be created. Available unit sets include, FEFLOW default, SI - international system of units and Imperial system of units. By switching to one of these unit sets, all default input units for are set according to the unit set. The default unit for each different category can be seen and changed by selecting this category from the drop-down menu. The unit changes are not only applied to the current model, but as a default setting for the FEFLOW user interface.

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