Posted Tue, 02 Oct 2007 21:01:19 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala
Hello everyone,

I'm using the 3D particle tracking of FEFLOW (in 3D Options -> Pathlines).

I would like to know what FEFLOW uses as a default porosity value to calculate the travel times.

I know you can specify values for porosity and sorption if you go in the ''SET'' menu related to ''USE ISOCHRON MARKERS''.

However, when I'm not using the isochron markers, I can't figure out what FEFLOW uses as a porosity value to calculate the travel times? This is a problem for me since I exported many tracking results as .DAT files and I'm not sure about the validity of the travel times I obtained.

Note that I'm running a 3D [u]saturated [/u]model and [u]solving for flow only[/u].

Any help appreciated!
Posted Fri, 05 Oct 2007 17:31:55 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala

Hey Thomas,

I was going to say the default value for porosity is 0.3, but I'm not sure any more. I used one of my small examples and ran particles with the default settings, then set the porosity explicitly under "SET" to 0.3 (and 0.6 / 0.15). A porosity of 0.3 returned very similar results, but not quite the same. You might wanna try this yourself ... I'd say 0.3 is a close enough assumption though.

Cheers, Chris
Posted Tue, 16 Oct 2007 21:06:17 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala
Hi Chris,

thanks for your support... It's a real good idea to keep small examples models at hand so that you can check out the effect of modifying a parameter on the modelling results.



Posted Fri, 19 Oct 2007 01:57:15 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala

I have a whole collection of those small, simple models. I use them mostly for debugging IFM modules, but they help a lot understanding how parameters work as well.

Good luck with your particle tracking,


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