Posted Thu, 06 Nov 2014 07:15:13 GMT by Libo
Hey there,
I am a beginner with the FEFLOW Software and have a really simple question about the 3D model size.

When I build a model with the same x/y/z-axis (quadratic) then, after applying the 3D-Layer Configuration, the z-axis is oversized. I wanted to ask where I can change the configuration so the z-axis will be normal sized in relation to the x/y-axis.

Besides that I wanted to know if it is possible to automatically stop the simulation when there is a difference of values on a selected node. For example when a temperature difference on a Well BC is noticed so you can see how long your Well BC is not influenced by a temperature difference.

Many thanks in advance!
Posted Wed, 19 Nov 2014 18:46:00 GMT by Björn Kaiser
You may adjust the vertical exaggeration in the Projection tab of the Navigation toolbar. The faster way is using the mouse and the keyboard. Keep the shift-key pressed by using the wheel of the mouse.

The standard features of FEFLOW do not provide an automatic stop of the simulation as soon as a scalar quantity computed at a certain node is higher/lower than a threshold. A useful workaround is work with observation wells. You may assign an observation well located at the node of interest and record the evolution of temperature through time.

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