Posted Sun, 01 May 2016 20:09:24 GMT by Tomas Perina Sr. Project Manager
Hi, I am trying to show Kxx distribution in a single layer in 3D view. However, the Kxx is also displayed along vertical edges around the whole model domain. How do I turn this off?
Also, how do I turn off showing the axes (the pointed striped pyramids) ?
What I ultimately want to do is display an aerial image (geo-referenced jpg) on the surface slice and then Kxx in one layer below, clipped off along a plane.
Posted Mon, 02 May 2016 14:47:57 GMT by Björn Kaiser
If you use FEFLOW 7.0 please go the Entities panel and activate [b]Layer 1[/b]. After that, double-click on the Kxx value in the Data panel. In this way you plot the Kxx-values on the entity [b]Layer 1[/b]. In a similar fashion, activate [b]Slice 1[/b] in the Entities panel and double-click on the map of interest in the Maps panel.

Please note that the Spatial Unit Panel available in FEFLOW 6.2 has been divided into two distinct categories in FEFLOW 7.0, the Entities panel and the Selections panel. If you use FEFLOW 6.2, you have to use the Spatial Units panel instead of the Entities Panel.
Posted Thu, 05 May 2016 00:29:40 GMT by Tomas Perina Sr. Project Manager
Thanks, Bjorn.
one additional issue: I imported a jpg image (first registered it in WGEO) with slice 1 active, but it does not show up. It does not show up also when in slice view.
Note: I am using FEFLOW 6.2
Posted Tue, 10 May 2016 12:44:36 GMT by Björn Kaiser
Did you check whether or not you use a common spatial reference system? If yes, I suggest to contact the <a href=""> FEFLOW Support</a>.

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