I would like to use spatial (vertical) head differences as an observation, but I am uncertain about the best way to go about this.  It seems that at least three approaches are available – PEST itself using the obs2obs.exe (and maybe more using PLPROC), an IFM plug-in, and a Python Script.  A Python script would probably be easiest for me to write,  but I am not sure whether it can be implemented or how it would be incorporated into the FEPEST's file structure.

So ..
1.  Could you comment on any benefits of each of the three approaches?
2.  Could you explain what can an IFM program can achieve that a Python script cannot (and any other relevant differences)?
3.  If, indeed my goal could be achieved using a Python script, could you provide a workflow for developing such a script and how to get the other PEST batch, input and control files to recognize and run the script.



Note:  I posted this yesterday in the FEPEST child board, but then noticed that no posts in that board had been responded to for almost a year.  Same for the Plug-in/Script Development and Plug-In/Scripting Sharing child boards.  What goes?