Hi. I'm fairly new to FEFLOW and am working with an existing model that I did not create. Seems to be partially unstructured with layers and some 3D entities that have been incorporated from Leapfrog shp exports.

I've been trying to insert new 3D volumes (as multipatch DXF, multipatch shapes, or even multipatch shape files turned into points), hoping that I'll be able to remesh these areas and be able to apply hydro properties to them as a whole. These new maps are visible within the model by drawing the 3D data, however, I am not able to select / create selections from these features.  I've tried selecting by map feature but the 3D object just highlights when I hover mouse over it and no selection can be made.

Are there limitations or specific 3D files that can be input into FEFLOW or a reason why I wouldn't be able to select them? Should I be trying to export the multipatch DXF into another format or using a leapfrog export? These shapes are currently surrounded by other 3D entities within the model.

Thank you!