I put a script in my .FEM file to calibrate parameters through the Python API.
In the script, I refer to the .FPI file using its full path to the master folder (e.g.  FPIFile = r'C:\Model\M1'  ).
I'm running PEST in parallel.

1. The FPI file is not present in the master folder. I can find it in the agent folders though. Is it a bug? If it happens, am I to put the .FPI manually into the master folder?
2. In some agents, FePEST issues an error that it cannot find that .FPI file (in the Result files panel)
3. Running in parallel, do agents use the .FPI file in the master folder, or do each agent work with the FPI file in each specific folder? In this case, shouldn't the path to the .FPI file be specific to each agent folder?

Thanks for any advice,