I have encountered an issue in using the parellization mode in Fepest via VPN.

A colleague of mine and I have two Feflow licenses and sometimes we use both of them (via VPN, 4 workers each) for speeding up the calibration process.

Now I have to deal with a model that requires up to a day for completing one Fepest iteration and, unluckily, we have instability troubles either link to the VPN or our connections, which lead to the failure of the supporting license workers. When I try to reconnect the supporting license, the process always fails and brings the calibration process at the initial status (initial phi), losing all progresses.

Has anyone encoutered this issue? Do you have any idea of how to deal with it?

I was wondering if saving the .fem at the end of each iteration and relaunching the Fepest using that .fem as baseline may bypass this issue. What do you think? May it produce different (worse??) results than leaving Fepest to run all iterations within the same simulation?

Thanks in advance,