Posted Thu, 19 Jan 2023 11:53:58 GMT by HECTOR Rey Gosalbez
Hi WEST team:

In Modellica, could you please explain the different aim that offers the Aeration block between Finebubble1 Vs Finebubble 2? I see some differences in the Parameters, but I do not know the real sense of those to sub-models.

Thank you very much.

Posted Sat, 21 Jan 2023 17:25:00 GMT by Enrico Remigi WEST Product Owner

Hello Hector,

both fine bubble models are based on the Irvine (carbon footprint) aeration model.<br> The difference lies in the way alpha factor is calculated: in model #1, alpha is function of SRT, while in model #2, alpha is function of the solids concentration in the tank.

So the key-difference at the project level is that model #1 exposes SRT, while model #2 MLSS, as a manipulated variable.

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