Posted Fri, 09 Apr 2021 14:43:55 GMT by Viola Somogyi
I'm trying to put together a model for an SBR system with 3 SBRs in it that would accept the wastewater after flocculation unit (I might need to change that unit to a continuous one). I can't figure out how to have a valve system that allows the flow only to one tank. How does one connect a timer to a flow splitter? I'm still figuring out how the cycle time periods should be but probably a full cycle is 8 hours. I was thinking having a shift of 2 hours in launch time.
Thanks for the help in advance.
Posted Wed, 14 Apr 2021 13:41:15 GMT by Enrico Remigi WEST Product Owner
Hello Viola,
with reference to your layout, I guess you could connect a timer (3 periods - 3 outputs) to the multi-splitter (Link_1) and set it up as:
u1 = 1, 0, 0
u2 = 0, 1, 0
u3 = 0, 0, 1
for periods T1, T2, T3.
In this way the first SBR will receive inflow in period T1, while SBR #2 in period T2 and SBR #3 in period T3.
Furthermore, you will also have to use the T_launch parameter that effectively delays the time scale of an SBR.
So SBR #1 will have T_launch=0, SBR #2 T_launch=T1 (relative time 0 of SBR#2 is absolute time 0+T1), SBR #3 T_launch=T1+T2=2 T1 (relative time 0 of SBR#3 is absolute time 0+2T1).
If your delay time (and feed time) is 2h, then T1=T2=T3 = 2h.
Hope this helps

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