• Abnormal completion: DFS Error Unable to write dynamic item

    Hi All,

    I am new to Mike21 and I have been running a 3D particle tracking model. The model was running fine, for almost 3 weeks but when it had only a few days to finish
    I checked and it had the following message:
    " DFS Error Unable to write dynamic item
      Abnormal completion "
    I checked my drive space and I only have around 1.5 GB left, so I am guessing that is because I run out of space? is this correct?
    Could I just free some space in the computer and ask it to finish the time steps missing? (the model does say that it has run 100%)
    how can I avoid this happening again if my computer doesn't have enough space to store all the outputs?
    and finally is it normal for outputs to be so large (around 200 GB in total including hydrodynamic and particle)

    Thank you for your help!