• Re: Extreme water level at start up.


    That was exactly the same thing that caused my error.  No I only need to wait 15 min for the hotstart to finish instead of 1,5 hour =)

    // Alf 
  • Extreme water level at start up.

    I get a start water level that has nothing to do with external water levels in at model. This cause a startup volume of millions of m3 and a model that is rather useless. Has anyone experienced this before and found any solution?

    // Alf 
  • Re: Syntax of MJL-file

    It worked

  • Syntax of MJL-file


    In previous versions of MU I’ve been able to regulate time step for every job in a LTS simulation with DTMIN and DTMAX. In the latest version it doesn’t work anymore with the syntax I have used. 
    Does anyone know how to do it in the latest version?
          Simulation_start = '2012-06-22 23:25:00'
          Simulation_end = '2012-06-23 18:04:00'
          Hotstart_file = 'Hotstart_Base.PRF'
          Hotstart_time = '2006-01-02 23:25:00'
      [glow=red,2,300]  DTMIN = '10'
          DTMAX = '10'[/glow]
          // Duration  :    '0.18:39:00'
          // Job_number :    6
          // Job_start_criterion : 'JL_Start_1'
      EndSect  // SIMULATION_EVENT

    Regards Alf